Hanang Mountain

I would like to invite you to see the wonders and beauty of Tanzania, decorated with mountains and valleys, with natural vegetation and interesting landscapes, let discovery and climb mountain number 4 in Tanzanian Hanang with a height of 3423 meters, 325 km from Moshi Kilimanjaro 5 hrs driving, day one we will leave Moshi at 8:00 in the morning we will arrive at Babati manyara region at 1:00 pm, we’ll go to the hotel have lunch and rest a bit after that we will go at lake babati not so far from the hotel there you will take the local boat and spot the hippos you will use two up to three hrs, after enjoy to see the hippos and the beatfull views we will go back to the hotel to rest, day two if your interested there is also a small mountain called Kwarah, early in the morning we will go for a hike there you will see natural vegetation some small animals, birds and a little waterfall, while at the top we will get to see the beautiful scenery of Babati in the city and see the lake in the distance and the beautiful valleys while enjoying the views of the Babati city, and enjoy the lunch over the top, after that we will slowly return to the hotel rest a little, then we will continue our journey towards Kateshi, It will take two hours driving, when we were arrive we will meet our host will take you to the hotel while on the way he will explain the character and nature of the town of Kateshi, when your arrive at the hotel you will rest and prepare your body for climbing the mountain the next day, you will spend six to seven hours climbing, it depends on your strength, if you need to climb for relax, we’ll reccomand to camp one night then the next day you will reach the summitt of hanang and return to the hotel, after strengthened our body the journey will start to go back moshi, or if you spend one day, then we will go back to sleep at the hotel in the morning back to Moshi, your suggestions are here for you, it also depends on your time, we can stop at lake Babati and watch the hippos for two hours and then we continue the trip so that the next day we can go to the mountain or if you want to do it all, feel free, we are here for you to make sure you enjoy your vacation and look at various attractions that are pleasing to your eyes,

All tour combined

If you wanna go direct to climb the hunang a mountain without stopping Babati

If you would like to camp in the middle of the mountain.

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Every cent you pay a small amount goes to the village and people in need, your cent is enough to bring back smiles and enable villages to get better schools and health services.