Lake Jipe

It is my pleasure to invite you to visit Jipe lake which is surrounded by mountains and valleys of pare mountains, the lake is divided into two countries south of kenya and north of tanzania, it has a size of 28 square meters average depth of less than 3.m it is 12 km long and 2.5 km wide 14 square km belong to tanzania and 14 sqeuare km belong to tanzania lake jipe is a house of hippopotamus swimming is strictly prohibited, when you are in the way you will enjoy to see the natural vegetation surrounded by mountains, when you arrive you will leave the car and use the Swahili boat (kanuu) to enter at the lake, we will spend two hours enjoying seeing the hippopotamus, after that, we will return to the village, there you’ll get you lunch, after that, you will rest a little and strength our bodies, then we will go to the car and drive a little bit up the start hiking starting on the hiking we will spend two hours to enjoy the views of mountain after enough hiking slowly we will return to the car and return to Moshi,
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