Moshi Town

Are you in Moshi or would like to visit the city of Moshi and experience its beauty? Well you’ve come to the right place. We’ll pick up you from the hotel or accommodation at 9am then we will go to show you the old railway station which holds the memory from the German colonies and experience the reality of the markets.

Furthermore if you have enough time; I invite you to see the famous girls who were under the age of eight who got pregnant while they were school which led them to be suspended from their school.
So as they famously known cared by “FAMILY OF GOOD HOPE” they have also been able to care for them and is committed to helping them acquire various skills such as sewing, cooking and decorating so that they can manage their lives with their children by giving them the best education and good care. These girls have come from a difficult environment, so whatever you may want to buy from them, will help these amazing girl to smile again and erase the lost happiness.
Together, we can build a better family and make them not feel guilty for the rest of their lives, when you arrive you are welcome to join them at the activities they are doing and you will get a traditional Swahili dish cooked by them.

Town tour without visiting Family of Good Hope project;
Town tour combined with the Family of good hope project.

For more information
Call &whatssap +255753825710 or +255629288717

When you choose to buy the tour package, you will have contributed to these girls and our village of Chereni to be able to improve various structures and techniques, Thank you & Karibu!